6 Shocking Health Risks of Margarine

Oftentimes, Margarine is passed off as a ‘safe’ alternative to butter, but this could not be more wrong. In fact, the effects of eating margarine could be worse as it’s high in trans-fatty acids, contributes to heart attacks, increases cholesterol, decreases quality of breast milk, and insulin response. Stick with good old fashioned butter and just add less to your food. Not only will you feel fuller, you will be eating real food, not artificially processed oils.

6 Secrets About Margarine  “They” Don’t Tell You:

1. Margarine is high in trans fatty acids – The disadvantage of true margarine is the trans fat level. Trans-fatty acids do increase the risk of heart attack. In fact, the risk of heart attack more than doubled between those who ate the most and those who ate the least foods containing vegetable oil trans-fatty acids.

The more solid a margarine is at room temperature, the more trans fat it contains, as much as 3 grams per tablespoon. Even the improved brands are full of artificial ingredients, synthetic vitamins which do nothing to boost your immune system (as those found in real butter do) and artificial colors because without them the products are unappealing.

2. Margarine actually contributes to heart attacks – Another study asked people how much margarine they ate. Once the answers were recorded they waited to see what they died from. Amazingly, people who ate as little as three pats of margarine a day had twice the heart-attack rate of those who ate less than a pat a day, far worse than those who ate lard or butter.

3. Margarine increases cholesterol – Not only does margarine increase total cholesterol, it also increases the LDL (the bad cholesterol). If that were not enough, margarine lowers the HDL which is the good cholesterol!

4. Margarine lowers quality of breast milk – Studies show how a mother’s eating of trans fats affects the level of trans fats in her milk. One study, for example, comparing Canadian breast milk to Chinese breast milk found that Canadian mothers had 33 more trans fats in their milk than the Chinese mothers. So the quality of the breast milk can be affected by the consumption of trans fats.

5. Margarine decreases immune response – Consuming trans fatty acids affects immune response by lowering efficiency of B cell response and increasing proliferation of T cells. This decreases the body’s immune response.

6. Decreases insulin response - Actually the trans fats can increase blood insulin levels, which increases the risk for diabetes.

Source: Cultured Palate

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