If You Had a Health Issue That Requires Salt Reduction, Take a Look at These Few Tricks to Cut Down Your Salt Intake

If you are one of those who regularly add salt to their food without tasting it, then it is advisable to read this article. In fact, doctors and nutritionists say the recommended daily amount of sodium is one teaspoon salt, and if you have high blood pressure then you need to eat less. But recent research has shown that many people consume more than one teaspoon of salt per day.

That is why we have few advices for you that will help you to reduce salt intake in your body.

  • When possible, it is advisable to use fresh ingredients for your meal preparation. In fact, salt is often used solely for taste therefore it is truly unnecessary.
  • Instead of salt, use fresh lemon juice and spicy herbs.
  • Read the label on the finished products. Just because food is not salty, does not necessarily mean that it does not contain salt.
  • Even sweet products may contain significant amounts of salt. Keep in mind that supplements such as mustard, mayonnaise and even ketchup contain sodium.
  • Use only sea salt, preferably the one in which there is no iodine.

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