Is It True That Women Are Gold Diggers? Better Take A Look And Read This!

There are two things that certain guys—you know who you are—seem to think are irrefutably true: 1. Women are all gold diggers, and 2. Men with Porsches get all the girls.

This is nonsense, of course, but now there's an actual study that counters the claims.

New research shows that a majority of women find men who are ‘savers’ to be more attractive than guys who are ‘spenders.’

First, the researchers created a dating-game simulation. About 35 single heterosexual females are brought and two male actors to be candidates. Both men were slightly above average in terms of looks.

The female participants asked them a few questions, and the key question was, “When it comes to money habits, how would you describe yourself?”

One man always said, ‘I’m more of a saver,’. And the other man always said, ‘I’m more of a spender.’

When the women chose one man for a potential date—the ultimate measure of attraction—63 percent chose the saver.

That means most women do not, in fact, want expensive gifts, lavish dinners, and luxury vacations. Instead, they want the one who shows restraint.

While these findings go against the conventional wisdom—at least the ‘wisdom’ that gets repeated frequently in Facebook comments—this research indicates that many women desire a partner they can rely on and trust, rather than someone who is going to be spending down a joint bank account.

Another study concluded that owning a Porsche might get you a one-night stand, but nothing more romantically substantial.

If you’re a man who is looking for an uncommitted short-term hook up, then it turns out that displaying expensive products may in fact be a good strategy.

However, the strategy may backfire when you're looking for a life partner. When the women evaluated men for a longer-term relationship, they rated the guys who drove Honda Civics to be just as attractive, if not more attractive, than the dudes who had an expensive car. 

Of course, the car you drive is really just a clue. How can you show her what a saver you are without emailing her a PDF of your bank statement?

Focus on experiences more than material goods.

Don’t pick her up in flashy car and blow money recklessly. Build experiences. Go on a walk. Have a picnic. Have fun in other ways, but show self-control.

Source: Men's Health

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