Stop Doing These Ab Exercises. They Do You No Good!

Have you been trying to target your abs in your workouts, but see no visible difference? You are not alone. We gathered data from personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and physiologists, and it all says the same thing. There are many myths surrounding ab workouts, and these are the biggest ones.

1. Spot Reducing

Go to any gym and you will see people doing crunches and/or twists of some kind while holding a weight. The idea is that if you work the muscle groups in your abs, you'll lose fat there. This is simply not true! Working the muscles where you have fat will develop the muscle, certainly. But the only way to get rid of fat is by being in a caloric deficit. This simply means burning off more calories than you consume.

2. Crunches

Crunches – countless crunches – are many people’s go-to abdominal exercise for trimming down their midsection. But doing 1,000 crunches is not only boring, it's not very effective or efficient. If you really want to work your core, try planking! Planks not only strengthen your abs, they also build up strength in the muscles that support your abs such as your back.

3. Sit-Ups

Many of us remember the dreaded sit-up test in gym class when we were in school. One person would hold our feet while we did as many sit-ups as possible while being timed. For one thing, doing sit-ups in this manner barely works your abs at all. Raising your body to where your chin touches your knees wastes a lot of energy. A more effective “sit-up,” if you’re dead set on doing them, is to raise your body only halfway to your knee and slowly lower back down. The more slow and controlled your movements are, the better your chances are of actually working your abdominal muscle groups.

4. Daily Ab Work

If you're doing ab work every single day, you're actually doing unnecessary workouts. For truly strong and chiseled abs, working on ab specific exercises two to three times per week is plenty. If you want to burn more fat off of your waist, add in brisk walking to your workout routine. You'll use all of the musculature in your abs, back and legs which will burn more fat and leave you looking lighter and more trim.

5. Gadgets

We’ve all seen the infomercials on gadgets that promise easy and effective abdominal workouts. This is so misleading. While electric currents do have a place in certain physical therapy treatments, it in no way will it ever develop your ab muscles to the point that you're “ripped!”  If someone is offering you perfect abs without doing any work, they're trying to take advantage of you! There's no better ab training than good old fashioned resistance training.

The best way to get beach worthy abs is to reduce your fat intake, create a caloric deficit and work your abs in the most sensible and efficient way such as brisk walking and planking. Another vital component to effective ab work is to also strengthen your back and other core muscles. This will support your body as you do your abdominal work, making them much more effective which in turn gives you the very best possible results!

Source: Fitness Republic

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