They Say Walking With Bare Feet is Unhealthy, But It is Completely the Exact Opposite! Find Out Why

All people once walked barefooted, and our body has had ages gotten used to that. When we put on the shoes, we hurt the most important sense that we have the – the sense of touch.

On our feet and hands are points that are connected to vital organs in our body. If you walk with bare feet, touching these points affect those vital organs in a positive way.

The flow of energy in the body

Through our body flows vital energy. The Chinese call it “chi”, the Indians “Prana”, but the point is that it affects our health. It runs through the meridian system, which is similar to the bloodstream.

When the meridians are flowing, all organs acquire the necessary energy so they can function properly. If there is a lack of energy passing, the organs weaken and our body is more susceptible to diseases.

When you walk barefooted, the essential points are being stimulated and literally massaging all the organs in the body to regulate the flow of energy through the meridians. This is the best acupressure massage that exists.

Ground yourself

Just like sunlight supplies us with vitamin D, so ground supplies us with the necessary energy.

Make contact with the natural bioelectrical field on the ground by walking with bare feet.

Walk barefooted five to ten minutes a day and gradually increase the minutes. Then over time it becomes all natural for you.

Don't be surprised if you wake up with a lot more energy that has not been there. This is because there is a reconnection with nature. Surrender yourself to that feeling. It is the natural intelligence of your body.

Source: Eat Healthy Plans

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