WARNING! Substance Found in Toothpaste Can Cause Cancer?! Read More

There are thousands of toothpaste brands but if you are Colgate fan than you have to read this.

Recent study showed that the wide world popular brand Colgate contains harmful substance which may cause cancer and many other bad diseases. This compound is known as Triclosan and it is widely used in deodorants, hand sanitizers, antiseptics and laundry detergents. Another study, conducted and published by the magazine Chemical research in toxicology, proved that this chemical, if used in great amounts, may lead to cancer. Only one country in the world actually banned Triclosan and that is Canada. The problem with Triclosan is that it passes through the skin and goes in our bloodstream causing hormone misbalance.

Despite all this proves and studies, Colgate still claims that this chemical is completely safe and tested. It is left to us to decide whether we trust them or not and if we will continue to use their toothpaste.

Source: Healthy Food House

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