What are the Top 3 Healthiest Dried Fruits and Their Health Benefits?

Dried fruits, despite the negativity that surrounds them, should be acknowledged by their exceptional nutritional value. Nutritionists say that a dried fruit is packed with nutritional benefits necessary for the body such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers. By eating dried fruits, you will halt the consumption of unhealthy products, while it will also improve your health.

Below are some of the best dried fruits that are packed with health benefits.

Dry plums

Dry plums are acclaimed for their perfect nutritional value. Because they contain significant amounts of sugar in the form of glucose, fructose, and sucrose, dried plums are very good sources of bioenergy materials that supply the needed energy of the body. They are very rich in minerals especially in potassium, which has beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure. They also benefit the elderly who have issues with digestion.

Dry figs

Dried figs are just like the dried plums. Rich in sugar, loaded with protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Quickly replace the spent energy, strengthen the body’s immune system, and improve your digestion of food with dry figs. They are also a good counter to aching throats and excellent preventive measures againts certain lung diseases


Raisins are recommended for anemic people because they are rich in hemoglobin and erythrocytes. The nutritional value of dried grapes, particularly the amount of minerals, enzymes and vitamins, are excellent in giving our body an additional layer of protection against health irregularities.

Source: Universe of Nature

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