Are You Having a Slow Metabolism? These Foods Will Help You Out!

The issue of slow metabolism affects numerous people, i.e. this is the main reason why some people are unable to lose extra weight. People with fast metabolism can eat loads of food and still they can maintain their desired weight.

Take a look at these are several foods which will improve the functioning of your metabolism and weight balancing.

Green tea

Very helpful when one wants to burn calories. Drink the tea between meals or during meals.

Kombucha tea

This tea, which is made from the black Kombucha mushroom, has a great application in medicine today. It helps with a lot of problems, from arthritis to liver detoxification. Precisely this ability for detoxification will help you maintain your metabolism in order.


The healthy bacteria in the yogurt helps in the weight balancing and experts claim that the good bacteria in the yogurt prevents the formation of layers of fats.


They contain fibers and antioxidants which are important for people’s health. They strengthen our immunities and are rich in vitamin E. Also, by chewing almonds the feeling of satiety and pleasure is contained.


A lot of researches claim that caffeine helps in the burning of calories, but they also emphasize that one should not overdo caffeine consumption.


This fruit is one of the biggest sources of fibers which melt easily, and lower the feeling of hunger. They increase the glucose level and maintain your satiety for a longer period.


Drinking 8 or more glasses of water per day is more than enough for our health. Water is able to help us with weight balancing and speeding up of the metabolism.


This vegetable contains indoles which speed up the metabolism.

Egg whites

They are fatless and a great source of proteins.

Source: Health Tips Source

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