Make This 2-Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream to Satisfy Your Cool Cravings!

Why buy processed pints full of sugar when you can make your own clean eating ice cream recipe at home without any added sweeteners?

This banana ice cream uses only two ingredients—no crank or fancy ice cream maker required. Eat a spoonful or a gallon­­, because there's nothing but healthy goodness here.


Total time: 5 minutes + freezing time

1. Peel 4 to 5 ripe bananas, break into thirds, and freeze overnight (or longer) in sealed container. When ready to make ice cream, combine bananas with ¼ cup milk of choice (almond and soy work here, too) in blender. Blend, adding small amounts of milk as necessary, until mixture resembles ice cream.

2. Serve with nut butter, dark chocolate pieces, or other fruit. Serves 4.

Source: Prevention

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