Selfie to the Max? You Could Be in an Unusual Psychological State!

We all know someone who bombards our newsfeeds with unending pictures of themselves. 

"Here's me at the gym."

"Here's me standing in front of the restroom mirror." 

"Here's me without my top." 

"Here's me after a haircut." 

"Here's me with the same haircut but at a different angle." 

While many of us find their rampant posts to be irritating and inconsiderate, most endure and tolerate their virtual babble. However, new research suggests that we should beware of our selfie-addicted friends.

Scientists have recently linked posting selfies to narcissism and psychopathy. 

The latest findings showed that men who post more pictures of themselves than others were significantly more likely to score higher on tests of narcissism and psychopathy. What's more, selfie edits suggest higher narcissism and vanity in men. 

"It's not surprising that men who post a lot of selfies and spend more time editing them are more narcissistic, but this is the first time it has actually been confirmed in a study," lead researcher Jesse Fox, an assistant professor of communication at The Ohio State University, said in a news release. 

"The more interesting finding is that they also score higher on this other antisocial personality trait, psychopathy, and are more prone to self-objectification," Fox added. 

"That makes sense because psychopathy is characterized by impulsivity. They are going to snap the photos and put them online right away. They want to see themselves. They don't want to spend time editing," Fox explained. 

Researchers noted that the findings don't mean that all selfie addicts are narcissists or psychopaths. While participants in the study all scored within the normal range of behavior, men who post more selfies were significantly more likely to exhibit antisocial traits.

Source: The Healthy Archive

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