Swimming Pools Could be Harmful to Your Health! Find Out More:

Sometimes it seems that swimming in pools is not just harmless, but even useful. It provides possibility for physical activity, as well as possibility for deepening the relations with family and friends. However, researches showed that chlorine can cause a so called product disinfection, which can further lead to DNA damaging and cancer.

World Health Organization stated that there are three ways for chemicals to enter the body. These are: breathing, digestion and absorption. When it comes to swimming, all three possibilities are present.

Although there are a wide number of problems related to public swimming pools and even private ones, here we are going to focus on only one thing- CHLORINE. This is a popular chemical which is used to kill bacteria in the pool and can cause rashes, allergies and lung damage. Some studies are dedicated to this chemical and its influence on people, especially when we take into consideration the increased risk from cancer due to the chemical reactions that appear when chlorine is mixed with skin care products.

Chlorine can cause serious breathing problems and eye problems

The Center for Disease Control stated that prolonged contact with chlorine caused asthma and respiratory diseases. Also, the Center warned about epiglottitis- an inflammatory condition which is potentially life-threatening and appears due to breathing in the gas that chlorine emits. Furthermore, this can lead to respiratory diseases or temporary breathing problems.

Eye infections are the other side of chlorine water. It can easily enter the eyes, especially if you keep your eyes open while you are under water. Swallowing too much chlorine water can cause liver or kidney problems. Sodium Hypochlorite found in chlorine and other similar compounds has the potential to lead to liver cancer.

The relation between chlorine and cancer

The water which contains chlorine is the reason for skin cancer each year. If you are exposed to chlorine water for a longer period, the chemical will produce toxins which can cause rashes or other body infections.

The sun is considered to be the main culprit for skin cancer, but rarely does anyone know about the effects from chlorine. The other type of cancer related with chlorine water is colon cancer. As in the previous case, the disease can develop due to excessive exposure to treated water.

Trihalomethane, the byproduct of chlorine is the main contributor to free cancer cells growth in the colon.

How to protect yourself from chlorine

There are ways to be well protected from the harmful effects of the toxins in the swimming pools, whether public or private. Of course, the best way is to avoid swimming in these pools entirely. However, here are some advices for swimming pool lovers:

  • Time in the pool can be relaxing and pleasant, but lower the time spent in the pool.
  • Wash off the chlorine water from your body when you exit from the pool.
  • Wearing protective glasses can help to lower the chlorine contact with the eyes. Moreover, the possibility of eye infections, which appear as a result of exposure to this chemical, is lowered.

Regardless whether or not you think that chlorine exposure is dangerous, you need to accept the fact that chlorine is not good for the organism. You surely want to enjoy the time spent at the pool with your family, but remind them to avoid swallowing chlorine water.

Of course, chlorine in drinking water is another topic, but the best advice is to use a water purifier which removes unwanted toxins from your water supply.

Unlike sea water which is salty and obviously not drinkable, some cannot see the difference between pool water and tap water, which is a big mistake. According to D. Knighton, surgeon and founder of the company “Creative Water Solutions”, moss inhibits microbes.

Moss has been used and tested in the Municipal Centre in Oxford. The director, Lynn Waldorf said that moss saved the pools and saved 35,000 dollars since it uses lesser toxins, and they even had increased income due to more swimmers attending the pool.

Almost always, there are natural solutions for everyday problems. And, what’s more, there are ways to improve our lives and health without toxins.

Source: Health Tips Source

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