That Ice Cube You have Just Put in Your Glass Could be a Nest For Bacteria! Study Shows

According to a research conducted by a team of scientists focused on the ice in McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks and other catering companies in Great Britain, 60% of the ice in restaurants contains more germs than toilet water.

Even though none of the samples found showed a direct threat to health, still such amount of germs in restaurants can be considered as a risk when it comes to hygiene, informs the British Government Laboratory.

Samples from McDonald’s and Burger King suggest poor hygiene of ice machines, and the bacteria level is more than double of what scientists expected to find in the drinking water.

Some of the companies asked to see the results in order to go through their hygiene procedures, while two companies opposed the findings.

At the end, scientists concluded that toilets are cleaned more often than ice machines.

Source: Health Care Above All

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