These 5 Things You've Done in the Last Hour Could Be Harmful to Your Health!

Your working day has begun. You did several habits which seem harmless but in fact they bring negative effects to your health.

Read this article and see how many of the following mistakes you are doing every day. Take a very careful look in order to embrace and quit these bad habits.

1. You Have Touched Your Face

People simply cannot stop touching their faces. Statistically speaking, in just 1 hour, a person touches their face 4 times. You have been asking yourselves what is the problem? Well, public areas are full of bacteria. By touching your face you are increasing the risk of getting some disease or emergence of some skin growths.

2. You Have Been Sitting All Day

Sitting for many hours increases the risk of getting diabetes, obesity, all kinds of back problems and cardiovascular diseases. In order to stop or reduce the symptoms of the above problems you should stand up every 30 minutes or so and straighten your legs on every hour or so.

3. You Have Been Eating Snacks in Front of the Computer

If you eat in front of the computer or TV you are entering more calories than when eating without any interruptions. If you think multitasking makes you more practical you are wrong! It only affects badly on your waistline and overall health.

4. You Have Been Rubbing Your Eyes

Often eye-rubbing is linked to disease of irritation of the cornea known as keratoconus. This habit will force you to wear glasses, have laser eye surgery or wear lenses. If you rub your eyes while wearing lenses you will only make your sight worse than before.

5. You Have Been Pressing Your Bladder

You did not manage to go to the bathroom because of too many commitments? Temporary pressing your bladder is normal but if you turn it into habit you may cause urinary infections or problems with incontinence (being unable to control the urge for urinating).

Source: Health Care Above All

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