These Habits That You Might Be Guillty of, Could Be Destroying Your Teeth!

As you are probably aware, red wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes have a negative influence on the teeth; however some harmful habits pass unnoticed. These are the most common ones:

Chewing ice

It is natural and sugarless, but the ice can cause fracture of the teeth enamel which causes an irritation of the soft tissue inside the teeth and causes toothache.

Tongue piercing

This is a trend, but it is clear enough why you should not have any metal ornaments on your tongue or lips since they can damage the teeth, irritate the gums that can cause an inflammation and lead to teeth loss. Also, the mouth is a proper place for development of bacteria and the piercing only increases the risk from infections.

Gum and other candies (even those for a sore throat)

The candies purchased in the store are ill-advised and those bought in the pharmacy are equally harmful for the teeth. The bacteria biofilms turn the remaining sugar into acid which damages the tooth enamel. If you are addicted to candies, eat them with a bigger meal-when there is a bigger amount of saliva produced.

Sweetened drinks (carbonated and non carbonated)

A can of carbonated drink contains up to 11 spoons of sugar, and there is also the presence of the acids which destroy the tooth enamel. The diet version may not contain such amount of sugar, but the amounts of acids in the form of artificial sweeteners are much bigger. The fruit juices are also dangerous since alongside the vitamins and antioxidants they contain a lot of sugar additives. So, buy natural juices or add water to them before you drink them.


The bacteria in the mouth destroy the starch from the chips. The acids therefore can affect the tooth enamel for long 20 minutes or longer if pieces of food are stuck in between the teeth. So, floss your teeth.

Opening products with teeth

Unusual, but a lot of people open up different packages, even bottles with their teeth. It is foolish to use the teeth as a tool, period.

Chewing pencils

Similar to chewing ice, this habit can also destroy the teeth. If you have a need to chew, do it with a chewing gum.

Source: Health Tips Source

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