Watch Out For These Harmful Stuff! They Might Just be Within Your Reach!

Many of the things which are commonly used in most homes have different types of toxic compounds. So how can you protect your family’s and your own health from these hazardous substances? It is a point to be considered that you are regularly using these chemicals and are getting exposed to them always every day.

1. Bisphenol A

This compound comes with the cans used for packing foods and is used in making various types of plastic bottles.

Dangers – Bisphenol can cause several types of damages to the body. It stops the proper functioning of the endocrine glands. It starts working similar to estrogen, female hormone, leading to reproductive issues, early onset of puberty. Studies indicate that this chemical also affects the functioning of the heart muscle.

Precautions – Switch to organic and fresh food. Reduce or eliminate the consumption of canned or plastic packed foods or drinks.

2. Phthalates

Phthalates are used in plastic items for various purposes including improving mobility, increasing lifespan, or to add a scent. These fluids can easily evaporate and enter your body system. It is commonly found in household items like nail polish, plastic curtains, and wall paints.

Dangers – These compounds work by affecting your body’s hormonal balance. They affect the production of the male hormone, testosterone and its female counterpart. It has been linked with the improper development of the breast.

Precautions – Stop using items made using phthalates. Artificial scent or some vinyl-made products contain this compound. You should also avoid storing food in ceramics or glass containers.

3. Atrazine

Atrazine is commonly used in herbicides for keeping weeds under check. It is extensively used in corn farms.

Dangers – Atrazine affects your body’s hormonal balance and has been associated with infertility.

Precautions – Start using only organic fertilizers in your farm or garden and minimize or eliminate the use of herbicides/pesticides. If you don’t farm and produce your own food, you can purchase only organic food which is produced without using any chemicals.

4. Perchlorates

Perchlorates are part of rocket science, flares and various types of fireworks. They can be found in fields and test sites where rockets are tested or launched. This means these compounds can be found in all the fields where rockets are tested or even neutralized. Research has found unhealthy levels of perchlorates in foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and poultry products which have been produced in such fields.

Dangers – Perchlorates have been found to interfere with how the thyroid gland works. This gland is responsible for controlling different hormones produced in your body. It also works as a control for iodine.

Precautions – It is recommended to always learn where the food you eat has been produced. But when it comes to perchlorates, you cannot do much to prevent coming in contact with it. You could however reduce its impact by taking iodine-packed foods. Iodine salt is a good example, but sea foods are also rich in this compound.

5. Lead

Lead is not only well known as a hazardous compound, it is also the largest contaminator over the last few centuries when it was extensively used in various products without knowledge of its negative effects. Lead is present in:

  • Metal-based wall paints
  • Improperly filtered foods
  • Water passing through outdated pipes

Dangers – Lead is so dense and heavy that it cannot be easily filtered out of your body. This is why it is capable of causing so many health problems. Cortisol is released in the body when you are under stress. Lead has been known to increase the secretion of this compound in the body.

Precautions – You can avoid coming in contact with lead by eating only organic food and drinks. It is also recommended to replace the water pipes in the house.

6. Mercury

Mercury is another heavy metal, and is commonly found in sea foods.

Dangers – Mercury is capable of affecting the reproductive system. It has been associated with affecting the menstrual period and functioning of the ovary. It is also found to affect cells in the pancreas. These cells are responsible for secreting and controlling insulin.

Precautions – You cannot stop eating sea foods. However, a good alternative will be to change the kind of fish you eat. For example, smaller fish are less likely to absorb mercury than their larger counterparts.

7. Perfluorinated Compounds

These chemicals are commonly used when making carpets, clothes, and packaging for food. They are also used as part of compounds used in making the non-stick bottom in pots and pans. The packages and boxes used for keeping popcorn and pizza in the microwave oven also contain this chemical.

Dangers – The compounds have been found to interfere with the working of the thyroid gland. This means they have impact on the different hormones produced in the body. Research indicates that too much exposure to perfluorinated compounds can also affect the reproductive system.

Precautions – Check the utensils and foods you buy for their main ingredients.

Source: Health Tips Source

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