We Peel Them All the Time, While in Fact, We Shouldn't! What are These Foods?

Read which ingredients you should not peel before you prepare them and eat them.


There are up 20 percent of vitamins in the potato rind, such as vitamin B for example. You can prepare it by cutting it in half and bake it.


Tomato rind is rich with phytonutrients, nasunin which prevents from cell damage which can be a consequence either from aging or a certain disease. It can be filled with a mixture from vegetables and baked in the oven.

Sweet potatoes

Most of the nutrients are hidden in this vegetable’s rind. It contains vitamin C, potassium and beta carotene which are necessary for a stronger immunity, good sight, and healthy mucous membrane of the throat and nose. Similarly as the tomato, you can cut the sweet potatoes in half and fill them with various vegetables.


The cucumber’s rind is rich with antioxidants and fibbers which strengthen the immunity and prevent constipation and are beneficial for the digestion system as well.


Nutritionists recommend that the carrot should be well washed and eaten raw since its rind contains numerous antioxidants and vitamin A which maintain good sight, health of bones and nails, and studies have shown that it lowers the risk from cancer.


Apple rind contains vitamin C, quercetin, and triterpenoids which have an anti carcinogenic effect. Studies have proven that the consumption of an apple with rind eases the breathing problems and extends the feeling of satiety and protects the memory as well.

Source: Health Tips Source

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