You Might Be Endangering Your Family With This Common Household Product!

You probably think that aluminum is safe for use since, if it was not, it would not have been present in our water, food, food containers and cooking materials. However, this is not the case because aluminum toxicity has become a serious threat nowadays due to the fact that it is a part from almost everything we consume and use.

These are some of the ways in which you can protect your family.

Aluminum toxicity does not happen as a result of only one exposure to this metal but it happens over a certain time period. And, as the organism becomes more and more exposed to aluminum, this metal builds up in the body. Although the body is used to remove toxins and heavy metals, even the healthiest organism will be vulnerable. As time goes by, the aluminum becomes a part from your organs, tissues and bones.

The issue of aluminum poisoning is a very serious problem. The first signs of such a poisoning are bone ache, confusion, muscle weakness, seizures and speech problems. Moreover, if children are affected by aluminum, it may cause significant problems in their proper development and growth.

What’s more, a lot of more serious problems can be a result of aluminum poisoning such as anemia, lung problems, brain disease, and nervous system issues. Additionally, chick embryos showed abnormality and defects upon exposure to aluminum.

This metal is the most common one found in the crust of the Earth. But, experts stated that the human body has no need for this metal. Therefore, you may be curious why this is the case since this metal is a part from our food, surrounding objects, and the air.

A lot of medications have aluminum so if you take too much prescription medications, aspirin, and multivitamins, you may be at a higher risk of aluminum poisoning. Moreover, a lot of the cookware is made out of aluminum and during the storage processes or cooking this metal may enter your food. Also, the exposure to aluminum is a typical case if you work in some area where aluminum is mined. So, if you either work or live near a mine, you may be breathing in this harmful compound. Also, this is more dangerous than its consumption or contact with the skin.

How to protect yourself from aluminum

Your body can stand aluminum in small amounts, so to some extent, your organism does the work instead of you. However, you are responsible to lower the exposure to aluminum and avoid overloading your body with it. Choose items that do not contain aluminum when you buy food storage items, cookery, etc. Instead, try cast iron cookware. This is not only the safer choice, but it will also make your food tastier.

Whenever you can, try to avoid packaged and processed foods. A lot of manufacturers use it as a food preservative so try to eat raw veggies and cook fresh food.

In the USA, the aluminum poisoning is more and more frequent. All in all, if you are able to limit your aluminum exposure by making smart choices, you will protect yourself and your closest ones.

Source: Health Tips Source

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