3 Things You Should NOT Do After 9PM!

There are things that are just off-limits hands on before you lie down, because it can disrupt your good night sleep. Take a look at the 3 most important things that you should not do after 9PM.


There are recent studies showing that if you smoke a cigarette before you sleep, you will be very tired the next day. Because the nicotine releases the hormone serotonin, smokers spend less time in the REM stage.

Meat for dinner

Digestion of proteins requires considerable physical movement, so don’t expect from your body to do that while it is resting. Next time, eat lighter food before bedtime if you don’t want the meal to bother your solid sleep.

Too tight bra

Not just the bra, but also too tight clothes disturb the sleep, which leads to an increased body temperature and reduced serotonin level. Next time, choose loose and comfortable pajamas for better sleep.

Source: Healthy Food Help

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