Are You Sensitive on Your Skin? Try Your Best to Avoid These All-Time Favorites!

What you eat has a very strong impact on your skin. If you desire healthy, glowing skin and a clear complexion then it is important you keep a check on how you’re nourishing yourself. Eating the wrong foods can contribute towards dull skin, premature aging, oily skin, blemishes and pimples amongst other common skin issues.

Salty Foods

Granted, some levels of sodium are required by your body for various functions. However, having said that, a diet high in sodium which exceeds your daily needs can result in your skin taking the brunt! Salt causes your skin to bloat, therefore making it look puffy and giving you an altogether tired and exhausted look. Therefore, try going easy on highly salted foods. This list ranges from fried foods, canned soup, frozen foods to crackers! This is not only just going to benefit your skin but will also benefit your overall health!

Sugary Foods

Foods high in sugar are not only bad for your skin, but are also the leading causes of serious complications such as Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes! It is necessary that you cut down on your sugar intake. This means minimizing your consumption of Soda’s, Cakes, Candies, Chocolates and other sugary desserts. Within a week or two you will notice a significant difference in your complex. If you have a particularly sweet, sweet tooth, then perhaps you can try adding fresh fruits to your diet? Fruits are abundant in minerals and vitamins which promote healthy skin.

White Bread

Why white bread? Well interesting fact is, white bread is high in sugar! Therefore, this comes in your sweet foods restriction! Not only is white bread high in sugar but this also lacks proper nutrition due to the excessive processing that it undergoes. White bread is low in fiber and leads to inflammation. The very same inflammation that may cause your skin to look unhealthy and dull! Any food made with sugar and flour can cause this sort of inflammation, which also includes processed pastas. Therefore, it is important you opt for high fiber foods such as whole grains, fruit, vegetables and brown bread instead of white bread.

Fried Foods

Grease and fat are the leading cause to oily skin and acne. These foods are known to cause excess oil build up on your face. Such foods make your skin oily and trigger acne. This includes french fries, fried chicken and fast food on the whole. This will be a major step towards healthy, glowing and fresh looking skin!

Source: Fitness Republic

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