Beware of Frozen Dinners! They Possess Dangers to Our Health!

The frozen meal has continued to evolve over the last 40 years and is now driven by flashy marketing, seductive illustrations and billion dollar advertising campaigns. The frozen meal lives on and will continue to live on as long as we allow our time-challenged lives to drive our food choices. The fact that over 90% of what Americans spend on food is spent on processed items paints a very grim picture indeed.

So What is Wrong with a Frozen Dinner?

Obviously, a frozen meal is processed. Frozen and fast food may sustain your life, but they are void of the real nutrition that the body needs to be strong and vital. From coughs and colds to degenerative disease, without proper nutrition the body will not have the energy it needs to stay well.

If 90% of our diet is processed, that means that we are getting very little, if any, raw, uncooked foods. In reality, the best health possible is achieved when we are consuming 90% raw food.

Many frozen meals contain high amounts of sodium, trans fats and sugar. People who consume frozen meals may find themselves hungry a short time after eating because of the improper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and a high amount of sugar.

Source: The Alternative Daily

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