Beware of These Food Favorites. They Make You Blow a Fuse!

Here is an interesting fact: the foods that you love eating could be the very thing adversely affecting your mood, making you angry and depressed. We all are well aware of the numerous stresses that come with everyday life. However, the foods that you may be consuming could be making you a little more sensitive to these stresses, therefore causing you to snap at even the most smallest issue so easily. Thus, creating an unhappy, grumpy and angry you.

No one likes to be the short tempered (nor do  others around you) and so, in this article we have outlined the very foods that could be creating this anger in you!

Potato Chips

This may strike as a major source of disappointment; but potato chips are a number one contender which can cause anger. This is because these are deep fried in oil which includes a substance called Omega 6 fatty acids which may block out Omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids are the very acids which help build mood enhancers. Thus, they are blocking out any chance of patience you may have had. Completely minimize your consumption of potato chips because they provide little nutrition and may contribute to obesity and diabetes as well.

Soda’s (Carbonated Drinks)

Sodas do not just put a damper on the mood but are also extremely bad for overall health. However, our focus will remain on how these drinks may contribute to one’s anger. Sodas are filled with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Hence, when you drink this, the sugars turn into unhealthy fat inside your body and lead to a sugar rush which may possible convert into both intense happiness, or anger. There are numerous alternatives to sodas such as, homemade iced tea, organic and fresh juices, and even flavored water.


The morning delight that most people (unfortunately) continue to wake up to – yes, bagels!  Bagels are packed with sugars, unhealthy carbohydrates and calories. In addition to that, their consumption may also lead to severe cases of anger. Although they may have become your morning tradition, you should really try reducing your intake of bagels in the morning as they are packed with refined carbs that will overdose your body with an instant energy supply which is likely to shorten your temper.  Instead, opt for whole grain options which provide you with a slow release of energy throughout the course of the day.


Even though there have been worldwide debates over whether margarine is healthy over butter, research suggests that margarine is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids which strongly tamper with your mood. Margarine is not real food and therefore the body gets confused as to how to deal with it. Instead of eating butter or margarine why don’t you opt for pastured butter which is the same as butter, only from cows that are strictly fed grass.

Packaged Peanuts

Packaged peanuts are sadly high in sodium and food additives and artificial flavoring which may be linked to difficulty in breathing, wheezing, migraines, burning sensations and weakness. Instead, opt for non salted and natural nuts.

Source: Fitness Republic

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