Do You Want to Know the Key to Extreme Happiness? Stay Away From These 10 Habits!

With light, jubilant strides and seemingly ever-sunny dispositions, it's as if the happy people in our lives know something--some crucial, life-changing thing--that we don't. There must be an explanation for the upbeat, positive vibes they perpetually radiate. We went and did some digging, to put together a list of 10 things happy people don’t do!

#1: Stop Dreaming

Happy people don’t forget their dreams, or allow for themselves to succumb to stagnant, undesirable circumstances, as too many of us do. Those plagued by the ills of unhappiness, allow the stresses of life to hold precedent over their dreams, and this is where the real loss occurs. Dreaming, making plans for the future , envisioning the way they want their lives to be, is one of the most coveted secrets held by the happy people.

#2: Happy People Don't Live Selfishly

Unhappy people often get so soured by life that they forget the true joys, the lightening of the soul itself, by the act of giving to another. This happens because in an unhappy person’s world, they already believe they aren’t getting their fair share of the good things this life has to offer. Happy people, however, could not be happy if they didn’t give to others. Showing compassion, patience, giving time and love are just a few of the things happy people do. In a world chock-full of material possessions, widely diverse in economic status, there will always be something for one human to give to another in a time of need.

#3: Derive Joy From Materialistic Belongings

Many unhappy people try to fill the void in their hearts, occupy the empty burning space in their personal lives, by stocking up on material belongings. This is an attempt to reap some satisfaction out of life, whereas happy people know better, and ever the wiser appreciate the joy that'll accompany those moments outside the world of materialistic possessions. Happy people know that real joy comes from friends, family and doing things they enjoy, not retail therapy.

#4: They Don't Procrastinate

Unhappy people it seems, are more prone to procrastination and putting important things off. Happy people are just the opposite. They believe taking action when action is needed is for the best and aids in their peace of mind. Happy people don’t make excuses; they take action.

#5: Happy People Don't Compete With Others

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between coworkers and/or friends. However, constantly comparing oneself to others can make unhappiness worse by feeding our own insecurities. Another one of the secrets of happy people is to concentrate on their own accomplishments and achievements to build their own self-esteem and confidence.

#6: They Don't Take All That Life's Offered For Granted

One thing happy people never do is to take the good things in life for granted. They know life is too short for that negative way of thinking. Some of the things happy people do are making the most of life’s experiences and have genuine gratitude for the present moment.

#7: Conform to the Norm

Happy people are less likely to conform than unhappy people. People are happiest when they follow their hearts, pursue their dreams and make their own decisions. It’s not a coincidence that people who think this way are also typically very successful in life.

#8: They Do Not Hold Grudges

Unhappy people get their feathers ruffled by one thing or another and will hold a grudge forever. Happy people, however, choose to learn from their mistakes as well as forgiving others for theirs. To be truly happy we must learn to let go of things that could drag us down and make us unhappy.

#9: They Don't Surround Themselves With Negativity

One major difference between happy and unhappy people is who they choose to surround themselves with. We’ve heard the saying “misery loves company,” well so does happiness. Happy people refuse to allow the negativity of others affect their life experiences. A happy person makes it a priority to surround themselves with other happy people.

#10: Do Not Pass Judgment on Others

Unhappy people are typically very judgmental of others. This is very telling, as someone who does this regularly is probably terribly judgmental of themselves and are unhappy because they suffer from low self-worth and self-esteem. A happy person is not judgmental of others. On the contrary, one of the things happy people do is accept the differences in other people and would never put someone down for having a different opinion or way of doing things. Happy people embrace diversity.

As you can see, there are many significant differences in the way happy people vs unhappy people think and live. This list of 10 things happy people do is just the beginning. Happy people are good at gaining perspective and taking action when necessary in order to lead a happy life. This leads to feelings of success, higher self-esteem and self-worth. Happiness breeds happiness. The same can be said about unhappy people in that misery breeds more misery. If someone you care about is an unhappy person, approach them with compassion and understanding. Be a good listener. Try to help them solve a problem but do so with a positive attitude. Be a great example to them through your actions, not just words. It’s what a happy person would do.

Source: Fitness Republic

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