Here's 10 Treats That are Friendly on Your Budget but Can Still Deliver the Goods!

Watching over our waistline and your wallet simultaneously can be quite the challenge! Healthy foods, high on nutrition and fresh in nature tend to be pricier than our 6 pack cans of soda, crisps and frozen pizzas! But every time you enter the store with the intention of grocery shopping, be mindful of what you add to your trolley! You don’t want to spend so much money on unhealthy innutritious food and get a doctors bill going on, on the side as well!

You can cut down on your grocery bills by shopping smartly! Make sure to compare prices, compromise on brands and buy larger serving packs to be more cost efficient! Here is a list conjured up by us, presenting to you the cheapest foods that are good for you! Grab a paper and pen and start jotting down the inhabitants of your grocery list now!

Canned Salmon

Full of omega 3’s, consistent of healthy fats, helps in lowering cholesterol and is super cheap! Grab a few cans, cook away and enjoy this cheap healthy food in yummy recipes!

Chicken breasts

Full of lean protein, chicken breasts help you stay fuller for longer periods of time, preventing odd time nibbling! You can use this delicious cheap food in a number of dishes with different sauces, sidelines and bases!


Add potassium rich bananas to your diet plans and list of cheap foods that are good for you! Bananas are wonderful eaten raw and just as delicious in baked goodies such as banana bread and banana muffins!


Get all that protein and fiber going for you by adding this cheap food in your grocery shopping list! Make a broth, a stew, a soup or sautéed beans for delicious results! Bulk up on beans and the best part is you have a wide variety to choose from! If you don’t love kidney beans, try out chickpeas or maybe black beans!


Eggs don’t always mean just breakfast! Eggs can make for a very nutritious meal at any time of the day. Some onion, capsicum, spinach and a little cheese and you have yourself a yummy omelet ready in no time at all! Super nutritious and not too pricey either!

Canned Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are an essential ingredient to a variety of foods! Instead of getting fresh tomatoes and pureeing them, just pick up the canned kind instead. You can use canned tomatoes in a number of recipes, for sauces, soups, dips, chillis and stews!


Bugs bunny was smart to munch on these carrots all the time! Carrots are not only high on nutrition they are low on the budget as well and qualify as one of our cheap foods that are good for you! To save some more cash, buy the full grown carrots and not the baby carrots! Chop em, slice em or dice em, they’re yummy either ways served with a sour cream dip!

Frozen Fruit and Berries

Frozen berries and fruits are a wonderful treat throughout the year. If you can help yourself from burning a hole in your pocket by consuming the frozen instead of the fresh kind, go for it! Pop them in a blender with some yoghurt and make a smoothie, or top up a bowl of yoghurt with some frozen berries for extra flavor!


The amazing antioxidant grapes, especially the dark purple kind, are great for heart health! This low calorie fruit can be used as a dessert and snack both! Munch on this highly nutritious cheap food at any time of the day without worrying a bit about any calorie related fuss at all!


Believe it or not but an apple a day can very well keep the doctor away! This fruit is high on its antioxidant properties and can work wonders in preventing ageing and delaying its signs! Load up on some crunchy apples and make the most of this cheap food that is good for you in raw form, juice form, in an apple crumble or an apple pie!

Source: Fitness Republic

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