5 Quick and Effective Remedies For Nosebleeds

Whenever you suffer from nosebleeds, you think of some effective and simple ways to get rid of the problem. They can be quite uneasy to handle. And you may never know when they may start. Fortunately, there are great ways for preventing and stopping nosebleeds.

Causes Behind Nosebleed

There are so many causes of nosebleeds, and most of them are not serious. If you are losing abnormal amount of blood or if it occurs frequently, you must consult a doctor. It may be because of some serious condition.

Common Reasons Behind Nosebleeds

Some of the common reasons why nosebleeds can occur are as following:

  • Skin scraping due to nose picking
  • Cold
  • Allergy in the nasal cavity
  • Flu
  • Reaction to high altitude
  • Due to dry air
  • Due to too much nose blowing

Fast & Simple Ways to Stop Nose Bleeding

You may be suffering from nose bleeding due to any reason, but there are many ways to stop it. Here are some of the most effective solutions. The good thing is that you can find at least one or two of these cures in your home.

1. Salt

Nosebleed can be caused occasionally due to some irritants in the nasal cavity. Irrigate the cavity using water. Take 1 tsp of salt and some filtered water. Add the salt into 2 cups of the water. Flush this water into the nostril.

2. Vinegar

White vinegar helps stop nose bleeding by drying up the underlying cause. It will clean the skin and heal the area. Soak a cotton swab in vinegar and plug the bleeding nostril for a few minutes.

3. Compression

Nosebleeds can often be stopped by applying some pressure. Use a tissue or tiny hankie and press is on the side of the nose from where you are bleeding. Keep it there for a few minutes.

4. Steam

Many times nose bleeding is caused due to constrictions in nasal blood vessels. They could be opened up using steam. Take some water in a pot and boil it. Remove from heat and bend over it while covering your head under a towel. Breathe-in through the nose to let the steam enter the nasal cavity.

5. Vitamin E Oil

Nose bleeding is often caused due to dry nose. If you suffer from nose bleeding of a regular basis, make sure to carry capsules of vitamin E oil. Whenever there is bleeding, just puncture the capsule, take some oil on a finger and apply it where there is bleeding. While vitamin E helps in healing the cause, the oil helps in moisturizing the skin.

Use these treatments and you can prevent or stop nosebleeds. You can use these remedies as long as the bleeding is not serious. Otherwise, consult a doctor to find the root cause behind the problem.

Source: Mr Healthy Life

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