Make Your Own Delicious Burger Minus the Guilt! Follow These 10 Easy Ways!

It is practically human nature to crave a delicious, juicy and succulent burger once in a while loaded with one’s favorite toppings. But as sad as it is, this burger is literally a calorie factory with the toppings of cheese and mayonnaiseetc. just adding to the fat content. However, the ones amongst us who are weight conscious need not lose hope because the generous chefs of today have come up with some highly effective ways to make a burger healthier without killing the taste. Here are the top ten tips from the list that they have come up with.

1. The Meat

Obviously, the most essential component of the burger is the meat that is used in making the patty. Granted, there is no such thing like a delicious beef burger but turkey makes a great substitute to the minced beef and there are ways in which a turkey patty can be as juicy and delicious as a beef one. However, if you are absolutely craving a hamburger get extra lean ground beef for the patty as that is the only cut of beef which is relatively lower in cholesterol, calories and fats.

2. The Bun

Instead of using low fiber white bread, use  buns that are made from whole wheat bread as they are full of fiber and lower in calories thus making them full of fiber and lower calories and therefore those are obviously the healthier option.

3. A Juicy Burger Without Fat

Instead of the commercial readymade sauces that are high in saturated fats, make your burger patty juicy by adding natural ingredients such as tomato juice, or maybe even skim milk which is high in protein but low in calories.

4. Toppings

Avoid the usual toppings of mayonnaise, cheese and other fatty materials and try the healthier options like salsa and chutney. If you really can’t do without mayonnaise on your burger, go for the low fat variety.

5. Cheese

A burger without cheese is not a real burger is it? The best solution to this problem is that the slices of cheddar cheese should be replaced by shavings of mozzarella. Not only is this lower in fat, but since it is shredded you tend to put on less as compares to slices.  How about some cottage cheese which is also low in calories?

6. Cooking the Meat

When cooking the burger patty, make sure that you avoid deep frying completely. Cook your patty slightly in low fat oil like canola and then put it in an oven for a while until it is cooked through.

7. Side Line

Instead of deep frying potatoes, it is a better idea to cover them slightly with olive oil and then let them cook in the oven till they become delicious chips. After all, a burger is incomplete without its fries. Why not try and make some yummy mashed potatoes or baked wedges instead?

8. Use Veggies!

Add vegetables like freshly cut cucumber to our burgers instead of the fattening option of deep fried onions. This will make your food crunchier, fresher and healthier at the same time.

9. Downsize

Try making burgers using smaller buns so that even though you’ve just had one small burger, you don’t go for the second one because your body has been tricked into believing that it’s full. This helps you cut down your portions and avoid overeating.

10. Salad in Place of Coleslaw

Try to come up with fresh salads which you can serve with your burger as substitute for the traditional coleslaw which involves high calorie products like mayonnaise.

Source: Fitness Republic

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