Nail-Biting Habit Never Gets Old, But Beware of Its Dire Consequences!

According to statistics, in average 30 percent of children bite their nails, 45 percent of youngsters and even 10 percent of adults. First of all, this habit has aesthetic consequences; however, it does not only harm the look of the nails, but our health as well.

These are some of the consequences from biting nails:

Teeth damaging

Because of this habit, teeth work “overtime” and your bite suffers. Namely, during the biting, the teeth are not in their proper position and they weaken which results in a distortion of the bite.

Overall health

It is known that our hands are full of bacteria, and we often times forget to wash our hands regularly. By biting your nails, you put the bacteria in your mouth and in your digestive tract, which can cause various infections. A greater danger is when girls and women bite their polished nails since the nail polishes contain numerous chemicals which endanger the health of the inner organs.

Damaged cuticles

The unpleasant nail biting additionally worsens the situation since in this way you transfer bacteria and microorganisms through the little abrasions created by your teeth. Moreover, this leads to inflammations, painful skin redness and pus.


Warts usually appear on the hands. The most common cases are the warts caused by the HPV. Moreover, Molluscum Contagiosum is a frequent case in children and adolescents. Since all viral warts are easily transmittable, they can easily spread onto the face and mouth by biting the nails.

Additional costs

Due to all of the abovementioned problems, sooner or later, you will be forced to spend money on dentists, dermatologists and different products for easing the consequences. Therefore, do your best and try to put an end to this bad habit.

Source: Health Tips Source

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