Nail Biting is a Hard Habit to Quit, But You May Have to After Reading This!

It is difficult to get rid of the nail biting habit. It is not specific only for kids, but also adults. This habit, above all, has aesthetic consequences, such as deformation of fingers, but nail biting also has multiple consequences for our health.

Spoils teeth

Because of this habit, teeth works “overtime” and so can hurt your bite. Specifically, during the biting, teeth are not in their proper position, they become weak and fragile, and therefore distorts the bite.

Generally harm health

It is well known that our hands are full of bacteria, and we often forget to regularly wash hands. Nail biting causes bacteria to enter in your mouth and digestive system, and it can cause a variety of infections.

Deteriorating cuticles

The habit of biting your nails exacerbates this unpleasant inflammation, because you transfer bacteria and micro-organisms through small abrasions, which are produced by teeth. This leads to inflammation, pain and redness to the fertilization of the nail.

Grow viral warts

They are often located right on the hands. The most common are warts caused by the human papilloma virus, and in children and adolescents are spread molluscum warts. All warts of viral origin are easily transferable, and they can spread to the face and mouth if you keep biting nails.

Causes additional costs

Because of all these problems sooner or later you will be forced to spend money for dentists, dermatologists and various means to mitigate the consequences. So rather try to solve this bad habit that do not bring anything good.

Source: Cuisine & Health

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