This Ancient Japanese Water Therapy is Believed to Bring Great Health Benefits. See How It Goes!

Water is real source of life and a basic element of every function in the body. Without adequate hydration it is impossible to imagine a healthy blood, kidneys, muscles and purifying the body of toxic substances. Drinking water is generally good for our health. Unfortunately the modern era flooded with all sorts of chemicals and drugs pushed into oblivion the fact that the water is essential for our health. Encouraged by this, we came across an interesting recommendation that is known to every Japanese. It is a Japanese water therapy known since ancient times. The idea is to start the day with a glass of water.

Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water immediately after waking up as the most important natural health habit. Scientists have officially confirmed the efficacy of this practice. If done properly, it can fight off health issues such as meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, epilepsy, pain, heart problems, blood fat, kidney, urinary tract, nervous derangement, hemorrhoids, eye diseases, menstrual cramps, general weakness, loss of energy and detoxification.

Japanese therapy is performed as follows:

In the morning, immediately after waking up, before brushing teeth, you need to drink 4 glasses of lukewarm water (640 ml). Once you drink the water in the next 45 minutes do not consume anything. After that, you can continue with your normal habits.

The treatment recommended and consuming lukewarm water during all three meals and up to 15 minutes later, and two hours after every meal. The treatment gives excellent results for most ailments and cleanse the body, which manifests after 30 days of treatment. It is recommended that this method of drinking water should be your rule of life. There are no negative consequences and dangers. The only downside is that it can cause frequent urination.

Source: Cuisine & Health

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