This Simple Trick Will Allow You to Indulge on Rice Even More!

Rice is an easily prepared food, easily digestible and its yields are higher. However, it is not as good for you as it promotes weight increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Moreover, a cup of rice contains 200 “empty” calories without a lot of other nutrients. There is one simple trick which can help you halve the calorific value and even add other nutrients to it. Just cook it the usual way, but put coconut oil before that (about 3% of the rice weight), and after it is over, put it in the fridge for 12 hours.

What is going on?

When you boil starch in the rice, it makes it very digestible while the organism converts it into sugar and glycogen storing it as fat. Moreover, when lipids are added (the coconut oil) they drastically reduce the proportion of easily digestible starch, and the oil reacts with the starch changing its structure. When it is being cooled, the starch reinforces its heavier form while the rice remains less calorific even after re-heating.

Source: Natural Medicine House

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