We Ought to Find the Most Comfortable Sleeping Position, But is it the Healthiest?

You sleep in a position that is comfortable for you. But when it comes for health there are few positons that are recommended by experts.

The most expert’s advice is to sleep on your back, and there a couple reasons which explain why should not sleep on the right side. Read n the following statements and think about is this side is your favorite.

Pregnant women:

This is the period when you can not control your sleeping positon as much as we can. Doctor’s recommendation to the expecting moms is to avoid the right side. There a few reasons why we shouldn’t here is why:

  1. The blood that gets to the unborn baby is reduced.
  2. There statements that sleeping on right side is no good for the placenta which has the biggest role in the health of the baby.
  3. The nutrients that go to the baby through the food you intake are also restricted.
  4. You have more weight than usual, and sleeping on the right side for longer period can bring pressure to the liver. This can be harmful for your health.
  5. The highest risk of sleeping on right side is the increases the risk of miscarriage, so as much is can please avoid sleeping on your right side.

For the health in general

Those who are not pregnant should avoid sleeping on right side. This sleep position can give you a few health disadvantages, which include the following:

  • Heartburn - many people are prone to heartburn and with sleeping on your right side can just worsen the situation.
  • Numbness - if you preferred on side than the other, when you wake up you feel numbness in the arm because of the pressure of the weight on one side, which results to restricted blood flow. You also press down the nerves which leads to “rubber arm” and the feeling of tingling and needles poking. This could you wake you up, and if you are one of those that could not wall asleep right away leads to disrupted sleep or even worse-insomnia.
  • Precancerous - because the gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) is bad for your esophagus, the muscular region and region right next to your stomach could lead to cancer.

Sleeping on your right side is not that bad as it is presented, it could help your heart to become healthier by lowering your heart beat as well as your blood pressure. Assuming that you are not pregnant - the best position for everyone is still sleeping on the back.

Source: Healthy Food House

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