What is This Thing Called "Reverse Dieting"? Why You Should Try It?

In general, a diet involves cutting out certain nutrients, foods, or a number of calories. Most people diet in order to improve their health –especially through weight loss. Diets are known to work best when coupled with exercises and workouts that burn fat and that build muscle.

However, many people find that after the successful start of a diet, their bodies plateau. They continue to workout and diet properly, but nothing seems to change. At the point, you need a diet for your diet, like a reverse diet.

What is reverse dieting? As its name suggests, it involves doing the opposite of traditional dieting. Rather than cutting out calories, reverse dieting requires you to slowly add calories back into your usual diet.

There are several reasons to reverse diet:

To Get Your Metabolism Out of a Rut

Often people who find themselves reaching a weight loss or health plateau are those who have been operating on a strict workout schedule and eating plan. In order to burn fat while working out and lose weight effectively, such people often operate on a calorie deficit as well.

A calorie deficit occurs when the body burns more calories than it consumes. In a deficit situation, the body’s metabolism must completely adjust how the body converts, distributes, and uses energy. This can cause the metabolism to operate in a low capacity for a while.

The metabolism can get stuck in a rut and plateau as a result. Reverse dieting slowly gives the metabolism more to work with, getting the body out of a rut.

To Boost Your Energy Levels

Adding calories in through reverse dieting gives your body more energy to use throughout the day. That means feeling less tired and fatigued for everyday activities! The calories should be added in slowly, however, so as not to overwhelm the metabolism and not to build up the fat deposits just worked off.

To Develop More Sustainable Eating Practices

Face it: you’ve been able to cut out favorite treats and to reduce your portions to “barely there” sizes, but you are still tempted not to. That temptation will remain. At times, it will even entice you too much. You will give in.

Here’s the thing, though: you should! It is not sustainable to diet all of the time. Eating very small amounts of low-calorie food for months and ears will leave your body in an energy deficient and your brain in a stressed out state long-term.

To Reset Your Health Goals

Dieting is about much more than simply eating less or even eating better. To successfully diet, you may have to change your:

  • Routine
  • Meal Plans
  • Portion Sizes
  • Self-Control
  • Food Cravings
  • Fitness Routine
  • Social Interactions

Any and all of these changes involve altering how you think and how you live. That’s a big part of why dieting can be so taxing. Unfortunately, many people can become obsessive about dieting as a result of the stress it can cause.

Choosing to reverse diet takes some of the pressure off. In the process, it encourages people who are dieting to re-evaluate their health goals. They might need to eat healthier (not less) and workout more in order to lose weight.

To Build Better Muscle

Exercise in general is great for your muscles. However, there’s a good reason that many body builders eat more or consume specific foods and drinks. The muscles do best when nourished in certain ways. To build better muscle, you’ll need to get out of your energy deficit.

Reverse dieting is an effective strategy for switching from deprivation to feeling full and satisfied. As a slow process, reverse dieting does not overwhelm the body. It does not encourage consuming excessive amounts of food that will cause you to gain weight again.

What this type of dieting does do, though, is equip the body with what it needs for building muscle more effectively.

To Enhance The Weight Loss Process

In review, reverse dieting is great for:

  • Resetting your goals and endurance for living healthier
  • Giving your metabolism something to do and to do well
  • Providing you with more energy to do more

All of these improvements contribute to your body’s ability to lose weight. When you start reverse dieting, your body is no longer in a rut or on a plateau. Instead, it is working as best it can. That means more effective and efficient weight loss overall.

That’s right- as odd as it sounds, eating more can help you to lose more pounds in the end.

Source: Fitness Republic

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