10 Treats That are Very Effective at Slimming Our Figure Down? You'll be Surprised at Number 2!

Racking your brains trying to think of what could possibly qualify as slimming foods is not the best of ways to expend your energy. The sad truth is that there are no foods that will categorically help you lose weight. However, there are slimming foods that may help you feel fuller for longer and hence, make you eat lesser throughout the course of the day. You may want to call these foods miracle foods, but we call them our 10 best slimming foods!

Check out the following list of ten best slimming foods that are sure to help you shed some pounds, that is if you attach them with a couple of hours of exercising every week, and maybe a slower hand on the junk, or maybe just lay completely off the calorie infested food trail!

Slimming Food # 1 – Apples!

We have all heard how an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but here is a new one for you; an apple a day keeps the excess fat away, too! This amazing slimming foodis a snack that is one of a kind, as it is high in water content which keeps you fuller for longer, and both kinds of fiber, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber! Both these fibers are weight-busting in nature, where soluble fiber helps control blood sugar levels that leads to a decrease in cravings, and insoluble fiber which helps you feel fuller for longer hours! Moreover apples tend to have a rather detoxifying effect on the liver, which further helps in breaking down fats. Furthermore, apples are also a health miracle consistent of quercetin, a flavonoid documented to help fight against various cancers, keep the lungs healthy and reduce any damage caused by cholesterol issues.

Slimming Food # 2- Eggs!

Another notorious slimming food making it to our list of the top ten best slimming foods is eggs! Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins, which as we all know are amazing tools to keep us fuller for longer. Enough said.

Slimming Food # 3-Oatmeal!

Oatmeal happens to be quite an efficient slimming food as it has the double shot of being a goldmine of fibers and of proteins! Fibers help you feel fuller for longer and regulate blood sugar spikes that may cause cravings, and proteins also promote feelings of a fuller stomach for a stretched period of time, tricking the mind to believing the body does not need any more of it. Furthermore, research conducted on oats claims for these grains to be super low in caloric value and consistent of certain complex carbs that promote absorption of cholesterol in the body. Super slimming food equals to oatmeal, indeed!

Slimming Food # 4- Cucumbers!

Here is something about cucumbers you may not have known: Cucumbers are actually a negative calorie food, meaning they need the fats from the body in order to get digested! This makes cucumber an excellent tool for weight loss and the king of all slimming foods there could possibly be!

Slimming Food # 5- Cauliflower!

The primary reason that makes cauliflower one of the strongest contenders in our list of ten best slimming foods is the fact that no matter how much of it you eat, you will not gain weight! Non-starchy foods such as cauliflower are efficient with weight loss as they can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Furthermore, cauliflower is also a rich source of vitamin C which promotes weight loss and strengthens the immunity system, and also ranks high in sulforaphane, which is an anti-cancer phytonutrient. Spinach and broccoli can be used as close substitutes of cauliflower as sliming foods.

Slimming Food # 6- Red Grapes!

When it comes down to talking about slimming foods, red grapes cannot be missed! Red grapes are low in calories and are known to break down fats in the body resulting in better weight loss. In our list of top ten best slimming foods, red grapes have a special place indeed!

Slimming Food # 7- Brown Rice!

Brown rice is a top spot holder when it comes to slimming foods. Consisting of 71% water content and only 0.9 grams of fat, brown rice has been reported to have quite the slimming impact!

Slimming Food # 8- Grapefruit!

Research conducted on this tangy with a tinge of sweet tasting fruit has shown for it to be consistent of pectin. Pectin is known to break down fats, facilitating weight loss. This attribute of weight loss facilitation makes grapefruit hold a special place in our list of slimming foods!

Slimming Food # 9- Fish!

Recent research conducted on the efficacy of fish has qualified for it to be one efficient slimming food! Fish ranks higher than most foods in the satiety department, and it is this filling attribute of fish which makes it qualify as one of the top contenders in the list of top most slimming foods!

Slimming Food # 10- Adzuki Beans!

Beans are wonderful sources of proteins, but unfortunately they rank high in the calorie department as well. However, adzuki beans are one kind of beans that are low in fat content and hence an efficient substitute for proteins that are high caloric in value, qualifying as a decent slimming food!

Source: Fitness Republic

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