4 Vegetables That May Turn Dangerously Unhealthy! TAKE A LOOK!

It is a very ordinary assumption that fruits and vegetables are nothing but beneficial for us. However, that is not true. This is because there are some common vegetables that if consumed in excess or if processed in the wrong way, can be very harmful to the human body as some of them can cause paralysis and even kill. Here are some of the horrors that may be hidden in our every day favorites to make them dangerous vegetables.

Healthy Vegetable Turned Dangerous # 1:

Lima Beans

These innocent little beans have the capability to make someone incredibly sick if not cooked properly. They need to be cooked for at least ten minutes before being added to foods. The idea of adding raw lima beans to a salad is a very terrible one because these dangerous vegetables have a chemical called limarin in them which if consumed raw or in excess can cause violent sickness.

Healthy Vegetable Turned Dangerous # 2:


Whoever thought that this tasty addition to salads, stews and sandwiches can be dangerous? However, even though there is no harm in consuming it raw or cooked, eating green tomatoes in excess can lead to stomach cramps. And apart from that, the vines and leaves of the tomato plant are simply a big no no. This is because, while eating a few is not too dangerous, using them in greater proportions like in salads or to make tea can result in severe vomiting, dizziness and an incredibly loose bowel. This is a symptom of excess consumption of the alkaloid poison atropine which is present in the tomato plant.

Healthy Vegetable Turned Dangerous # 3:


This delicious addition to sweet and savory things alike can prove to be a dangerous vegetable. Even though the stalks are delicious and completely neutral, it is the rhubarb leaves that can be problematic. This is due to the fact that eating too much of the leaves can result in an overdose of the oxalic acid salts contained in them. This in turn can lead to the occurrence of convulsions, fits, coma and at a later stage, sever kidney problems. Five pounds of rhubarb leaves is known to be a fatal dose and can actually bring about death. Therefore, next time you think it is a shame to waste rhubarb leaves because they look so great and would make a great addition to garnish a green dish, think twice!

Healthy Vegetable Turned Dangerous # 4:


It almost seems like a crime to call a potato a dangerous vegetable but it has to be done. This delicious vegetable that is your friend in every situation requiring rich, comfort food can actually have negative effects. There is a reason why you are always told to store potatoes in a cool and dry place because if not, they can turn slightly green and grow sprouts which is dangerous. This is due to the fact that potatoes contain solanine which develops when exposed to light and can be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. A green potato may not be visibly green and therefore seem acceptable to eat. If you eat too much of it however, you might experience severe digestive problems including a loose bowel and severe stomach ache.

Source: Fitness Republic

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