Why Citrus Will Keep Your Waist in Tiptop Shape?

Due to the numerous health benefits, citrus fruits are beloved, either as raw fruit and often as fresh juice or a combination of juices. Citrus fruits are quite beneficial and must be included in the everyday diet. It can help cure numerous diseases which can be proven scientifically by several experiments. And the best part is that since they are a natural remedy, there is no fear of side effects at all.

1. Keeps you ‘full’ for a considerably longer time period

Fibers are a main component of citrus, which is why it can keep give you a ‘full’ feeling for a longer period of time. Researchers prove that if half of the fruit is consumed daily in the morning, you can start losing weight faster.

2. Controls the blood sugar

Citrus contains ingredients that have the capability to reduce the level of insulin. Low production of insulin results in better utilization of food for the generation of energy and less deposition of food in the fat cells.

3. The smell suppresses appetite

In order to gain the best benefits of citrus, it’s advisable to smell the fruit before you consume it. This trick will considerably reduce your appetite. This function is attributed to the effect of the smell of the citrus oil that affects the liver enzymes and reduces the need for food.

4. Assists in weight loss

Daily consumption of 1-2 citruses helps in weight loss as well as normal weight maintenance. Consumption of citrus ½ hour before all meals will make you eat less due to the presence of fibers. This will give a ‘full’ feeling while consuming very less calories.

So, it’s time that you start including citrus in your daily diet and start losing the flab.

Source: Mr Healthy Life

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