Are You a Fan of BACON? Do You Support SAUSAGE? It's Such a Shame, Because Study Suggests That These All-Time Favorites Can Shorten Your LIFE!

It is estimated that nearly 49,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. Because there are no early tests to diagnose the disease, more people die from pancreatic cancer than any other cancer. An estimated 74% of pancreatic cancer victims will die within the first year they are diagnosed, and only 7% of those diagnosed will live more than 5 years.

Pancreatic cancer

While the cause of pancreatic cancer is unknown, some research studies have shown that eating red and processed meats like bacon is linked to an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Researchers in Stockholm, Sweden published a study in 2012 that found men who ate two strips of bacon or one sausage link per day had a 19% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Their risk increased to 29% when they consumed 120g of red meat per day.

Just a few of these can put your life on borrowed time.

Source: Positive Med

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