Did You Just Eat a Piece of Big Mac? HOLD ON! This Giant Burger Could be a Bane To Your Health! READ MORE!

The consumption of one Big Mac cannot hurt you, right? No, you are wrong. It makes you feel hungry only 40 minutes after the consumption, raises your blood sugar and dehydrates you.

It's a shame that this famous food houses a lot of unhealthy stuff.

All of us have heard that fast food is bad for our overall health. But do you have any idea how horrible can this burger such as Big Mac be? Just analyze the infographic shown below.

In the first 10 minutes – By releasing “feel-good” chemicals like neurotransmitter dopamine, this burger triggers the reward system of your brain and raises the blood sugar levels to abnormal levels. It raises the likelihood of compulsive eating and works in almost the same way as to the reaction you would get

After 20 minutes – The presence of sodium and high levels of corn syrup makes this burger addictive and you crave more and more.

After 30 minutes – Big Mac, its 540 calories and 940 mg of sodium often causes dehydration. In this case you are tricking that you want to consume more food because the signs of hunger and dehydration are similar. The heart has to work really faster to be able to pump the blood through veins because kidneys have problem in the elimination of the salt. It can lead to stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure.

After 40 minutes –  The glucose levels are usually brought down by the body’s insulin response when you consume meal high in calorie. You feel hungry in a short period of time and you want to consume more food. Your Gl tract quickly absorbs the bun’s high fructose corn syrup and actually creates hunger pangs and insulin spikes.

After an hour – 24 to 72 hours are needed by your body to digest the food but Big Mac and other burgers need longer period of time because these foods are greasier. To fully digest, this burger will take more than 3 days.

On the facts that are presented above, of course there are some controversy, but this burger has never been considered as healthy food. You should never be mistaken as such because it is not a nutritious food.

It's unhealthy alright, but if you're really up for it, do it in moderation.

Finally you should re-think about this bad habit because there are many healthy alternatives, plant based restaurants offering cheap, nutritious and delicious food.

Source: Health & Weight Loss Done

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