Do You Notice a Dark Line Beneath Your Nails? It Could Be a Sign of Some Serious HEALTH TROUBLE!

We all know that once we notice new mole with unusual color, shape or size, we should immediately call a doctor in order to learn what we are dealing with. But did you know that the same goes for nails too?

Do you have something like this?

Every summer we are reminded by doctors to apply sunscreen in order to protect our skin and react to any kind of changes that will occur on the skin. If we are not careful enough, we can get skin cancer. But have you heard about nail cancer?

Unfortunately, yes. Even though it happens quite rarely, it is still possible. All cancers that attack the skin can develop on nails and toes as well.

In fact, the tumor itself does not develop on the nail, but in the tissue under the nail. It usually appears as a light brown line under the nail and then slowly spreads until the line becomes thicker and darker.

Fortunately, not every strange phenomenon that occurs on the toenail or fingernail is sign of tumor. In most cases it is due to lack of certain vitamins or minerals in the body, and perhaps sometimes it comes to a mechanical injury.

Some of the changes in color and texture of the nails may indicate to a poisoning if a heavy metal, a lack of oxygen in the blood, a problem with kidney function, and some other dangerous diseases.

If you notice a change in nails, you should immediately pay a visit to a doctor.

See a doctor if you feel any different.

Source: Natural Health Care For You

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