Eat This Vegetable and LOSE WEIGHT IN NO TIME!

Due to the increasingly popular cabbage soup diet, most people now associate cabbage primarily with weight loss. However, even though it is an incredibly healthy and low calorie vegetable, it does not burn fat as marketing techniques state that it does. And this is true for all foods, no vegetables including cabbage actually burn body fat. Despite this, weight watchers do not need to lose hope because the inclusion of cabbage in any diet is not a bad idea as it is indeed a delicious and low calorie food which aids your mission of losing weight. Here are some characteristics of cabbage that support this claim.

Shredded cabbage is already a load minus the calories!
Cabbage for Dieting

Even though it does not literally burn fat, cabbage is an excellent inclusion to your meal plan if you are aiming for weight loss. This is because it is unbelievably low in calorie content. Half a cup of shredded cabbage contains only 17 calories whereas one large cabbage head which can be used for a big salad feeding at least 3 people has less than 300 calories. And simultaneously with these few calories, cabbage is also known to have lots of fiber. As stated by Dr. Jonny Bowden, Ph.D. and clinical nutrition specialist in his book "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth,” a single serving of cooked cabbage contains about 4g of fiber which is quite a lot. Fiber is important for weight loss because it regulates your bowel movements and keeps your blood sugar level stable ensuring you don’t feel hungry too often.

Eat This Vegetable and LOSE WEIGHT IN NO TIME! Weight Loss

The University of Illinois states that losing weight is a matter of math whereby which you need to use up a greater number of calories than you consume. In order to this, you need to practice substitution, using low calorie options especially cabbage to replace foods that are high in calories. For example in a single meal you can substitute a 100 calorie cabbage salad with a 400 calorie pasta dish. This will start you off on the road to losing weight because you have already removed 300 calories from your daily intake. And in order to begin losing weight you need to remove from 500 to 1000 calories on a daily basis.

Bok choy is a popular Asian leafy green.
Bok Choy

A cabbage of Chinese origins, the Bok Choy has been recommended by dieticians to be an excellent addition to your diet plan for losing weight. It has also been highly recommended by weight loss experts at the American Council of Exercise. Nutrition specialist Dr. Bowden has been known to have stated that the closest you can come to eating a no calorie food is if you eat raw bok choy. A whole cup of this vegetable in its raw form contains just 9 calories whereas a whole cup of the cooked version has just 20. It’s true that cabbage does not burn fat but this is the closest any food will ever come to doing so. And apart from being miraculously low in calories, like traditional cabbage bok choy is also a good source of Vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium making it extremely nutritious as well.

Source: Fitness Republic

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