Is it BAD to Drink Water That Has Been Sitting Overnight? Find Out Here:

Have you ever noticed that the water that has been sitting for a few hours in a glass has a strange taste? Does it mean that it has “gone off” or something else has caused it?

Feeling thirsty as you wake up? Bottoms up! But don't reach for that glass of water you've left last night!

Plain water, as opposed to food, does not contain sugar nor proteins, so thus it is easily contaminated by microbes. There is a scientific explanation for the unusual taste of the water which has been in a glass during the night.

In fact, water that has been exposed to air for some time absorbs small amounts of CO2 and a tiny portion of it is converted into carbonic acid. This means that water changes its chemical composition, according to Discovery News.

When carbonic acid releases one or two protons, and turns into a bicarbonate or carbonate, that lowers the pH of the water due to which it alters the taste.

Moreover, this water that has been in a glass for several hours, has also been exposed to bacteria, and has also accumulated dust.

This does not mean that the water has gone bad, but bear the above in mind, so next time think whether you will drink this kind of water or you will reach for a fresh one.

Just to be sure, just grab the freshest, cleanest water you have.

Source: Natural Cures And Home Remedies

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