Loading on Protein? Forget the Unhealthy MEAT! Here are 6 VEGGIE ALTERNATIVES to Load Up Your Protein.

The best source of protein is meat.

Tastes awesome, but better switch to a healthier option...

But these six vegetables tell you otherwise. They contain amino acids, a whole lot of protein, and definitely healthier options.

1. Broccoli

One serving of broccoli contains two grams of protein. Broccoli also contains a lot of fiber. You can prepare this vegetable in many ways, so you will never get tired of its taste.

2. Spinach

Spinach has an abundance of protein. Half a cup of spinach contains three grams of protein.

3. Peas

Half a cup of peas contains three and a half grams of protein. In order to make a perfectly balanced meal you need to make fresh pea soup and steamed peas with other cooked vegetables of your choice.

4. Potato

Potatoes also possess an abundance of protein. Bake or cook potatoes in order to gain the most of it.

5. Brussels sprouts

Even though Brussels sprouts is not a favorite to many, it is a veritable treasure trove of protein, vitamin C and potassium. This vegetable helps in the fight against substances that cause cancer.

6. Corn

Prepare a corn salad, or simply bake the corn and enjoy! Besides being very tasty, corn is filled with protein.

Source: Natural Health Care For You

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