Bad news for soda drinkers – recently, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology warned that drinking sugary sodas that contain fructose made out of corn syrup will increase your risk of becoming obese, developing cardiovascular disease and getting type 2 diabetes.

That's some stern warning right there!

Unfortunately, what this means is that, every time you drink a fructose-filled soda, you are shortening your life or making it much more uncomfortable and at risk from disease.  

The studies behind how soda hurts your metabolism have been known about for years, but now they have greatly expanded the reasons WHY you should avoid these drinks at all costs.

Consuming 1-2 servings a day of these drinks has now been linked to a 35% increased risk of heart attack or heart disease.  

According to Frank Hu (who headed some of the studies), you have a 26% increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes and even a 16% increased chance of getting a stroke from these drinks.

50% Of The U.S. Population Has These Risks

Around half of everyone in the U.S. drinks at least 1 sugary drink per day and many of them drink around 2-3 sugary drinks per day.  

Is it possible that soda drinks could become more dangerous for your health than smoking or alcohol? Maybe in the near future, you will begin to see warning labels about the health risks of sugary drinks or even may need to be a certain age to purchase them.  

That might sound crazy right now, but the way these drinks affect people cannot stay hidden for long.

Fructose From Corn Syrup isn’t the Same as Eating Corn

There is a BIG difference between eating corn from a cob and drinking processed corn syrup in soda and sugary drinks. Eating corn – which contains fructose – is natural and isn’t harmful to your body. The corn syrup, on the other hand, contains chemicals and has been refined and processed to a point where it does harm your body.  

Your body reacts differently to natural sugars then it does to processed sweeteners. Your body is designed to take sugar in a certain way and when that is changed or overdone, your blood will become acidic and then you are more susceptible to disease and damage.

Break it before it breaks you!


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