If You're Carrying the Same Plastic Bottle Yesterday, Then You Might Be Gulping Some UNHEALTHY STUFF! Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Them ONCE!

Plastic bottles are a staple during hot seasons. They are the easiest way to transport water and other refreshing drinks during the heat. But experts warn that the problem occurs when the same bottle is used several times.

Careful! That thing is a hotbed of bacteria.

1. The bottle itself is bearing of bacteria
We're all guilty of using these more than once!

During summer time bacteria spread throughout the environment, so we should keep an eye to accessories we use for eating and drinking. “The most dangerous” part of the plastic bottle is the opening, where we put our mouth, because germs are transferred from the oral cavity on the rough parts of the plastic where they multiply.

After a repeated use of a plastic bottle, it gets tiny creases and damage which further attracts bacteria.

2. Heat emits dangerous chemicals
You don't even know what they are made of!
In order to prevent the spread of bacteria, the plastic bottle needs to be washed with warm water and detergent. Plastic bottle is not designed for exposure to high temperature because it discharges chemicals that are hazardous to life.

3. The most safe thing to do is use the bottle once

The surest way is to discard them after one use.
Water and juice plastic bottles sold in stores should be used only once. On the market you can find specialized bottles for long term use and they are manufactured in another way. However, these bottles are not 100% sure as well. If you want to discard excess bacteria, chose bottles with wide drinking opening which is easy to clean.

Source: Natural Health Care For You

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