MILK AND HONEY DRINK: Slows Aging, Gives You Better Sleep and 4 Other Health Benefits!

Milk has long been proven to be a good source of calcium and an important drink to improve and maintain health. Here's a twist: Recent studies have shown that adding a dash of honey to your daily glass of milk can increase its nutrient value and also provide a good mix of taste.

This sweet combo is the solution to your common health problems!

The many benefits of milk and honey combination is as follows:

1. Slowly down the aging process

Feel young in your adulthood.

Milk and honey are known to have excellent nourishment abilities for skin. This sweet combo effectively keeps the skin glowing and free from any blemishes. It prevents any wrinkles and lines to form on the skin thereby delaying the aging process.

2. Good Sleep

Go deep in your sleep.

Good sleep is essential for the body. In our present time, stress and pressure are everywhere which take its toll on the sleep duration and quality. A glass of warm milk along with honey is proven to soothe anxiety and ensure a good night sleep.

3. Antibacterial properties

Keep yourself protected from bad bacteria.

Milk and honey combo is known to fight against staphylococcus, a form of deadly bacteria. Having this combination will surely aid in fighting any bacteria.

4. Improves Stamina

Stay energetic in your pursuits.

Milk has high protein content while honey has high carbohydrate content. Taking them together on a daily basis is sure to increase your stamina.

5. Digestion

Break it down inside.

Honey has prebiotics which is a form of good bacteria, that grows in digestive system and helps in digestion process. When added to a warm cup of milk, honey will help in fighting indigestion, bloating, and bowel disorders.

6. Respiratory Diseases

Breathe deeply...

Warm milk and honey combination is an effective remedy for cold and cough. They also help in reducing the asthma symptoms and provide relief from sore throat and cough.

Source: Fit Food House

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