How PRUNES Help You Prevent Certain Cancers

Dried plums are probiotic fruit and, recent studies have shown that they can decrease the chances of getting a colon cancer. Dried plums or prunes are not really popular and widespread. However, the chances that you might start consuming them after you read this article are high.

This little stuff can do wonders in your gut.

Prunes Stimulate Retention of Microbiota

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The previously mentioned study was run by Dr. Nancy Turner, who is a research professor in the science department of nutrition and food, at the Texas A&M University. The essence of this research was that prunes help stimulate the retention of microbiota, known as gut bacteria, which is created in the colon.

By stopping the growth of tumors and fighting the cancerous cells, the gut bacteria lower the risk of getting cancer. There are more than a trillion kinds of bacteria found in the GI tract, and microbiota is one of the 400 that have been singled out.

Inflammation can happen if a disruption of the microbiota occurs. This inflammation increases the risks of bowel cancer.

Prunes are Rich in Phenolic Compounds

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Phenolic compounds, which are found in prunes, were examined as part of the study. Phenolic compounds are very healthy. They are able to balance free radicals and behave as antioxidants. It is known that free radicals damage the DNA and extend the risk of developing cancer cells.

The effects were experimented on rats. The rats had been divided into two equal groups. The first group was on a diet which contained dried plums, and the second group had prunes-free diet.

The diets had the same amount of calories and macronutrients, so the only thing that was different was the dried plums. The next step was examining the contents of the intestines and the colon tissues.

Prunes Accumulate Healthy Gut Bacteria

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Two findings were discovered when the intestinal contents were examined. Firstly, they observed that the rats which were on a dried plum diet had increased healthy gut microbiota and decreased unhealthy gut microbiota. On the contrary, the rats on the prunes-free diet had the opposite results.

The rats that consumed the dried plum diet also showed a diminished manifestation of aberrant crypt foci, compared to the rats on the prunes-free diet. The aberrant crypt focican indicate an increase risk of cancer.

By creating more microbiota in the distal colon (the last part of the colon), the rats which consumed prunes had lower chances of getting cancer, as stated by researchers.

Concluding notions about dried plums

To conclude, Dr. Turner conducted a research which proved that, if consumed dried plums can stimulate the healthy microbiota retention, thus reducing the risk of getting colon cancer.

She also noted that an additional research is of great importance, in order to completely look into the effect that dried plums have. The additional research she is mentioning is an anti-cancer research.

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