A Daily Shower User? WAIT! This Could Damage Your SKIN!

A daily shower seems like just another part of your routine: shower, brush teeth, etc. But some research suggests that daily showers could actually be bad for you. This might seem counterintuitive, especially to someone from a culture that prizes cleanliness. Walk down any drugstore aisle, and you’re bound to see more body washes than you thought existed.

Looks refreshing, but this could strip your skin of protective abilities.

Specifically, though, when you shower, soap strips your skin of its natural oils. While some oil-stripping is good (especially if you have skin that is very acne-prone), too much can leave your skin dry. skin that is dry may be more predisposed to eczema, cracking, itchiness, and other difficulties.

Overshowering is especially important to avoid during the winter months. In winter, the combination of cold and dry air makes many people’s skin dry out substantially. That’s why so many of us carry chapstick in the winter. When you combine overshowering and the already-drying air, your skin will be more prone to dryness, cracking, and irritation. When skin becomes extremely dry, it can even be painful.

There are plenty of people who would enthusiastically argue that not showering daily is gross. However, on days when you aren’t exercising heavily enough to break a sweat, not showering is actually better for your skin. When you do go to the gym or otherwise exercise, showering is healthiest. Leaving sweat on the skin can lead to breakouts – plus, it just feels strange to go about your day with a salty sweat-crust.

Not everyone knows this, but like the bacteria in your gut, some bacteria on your skin is actually good for you. when you scrub away all bacteria, you also remove the good bacteria, leaving your skin more prone to invasion.

Of course, when you shower each day after exercising, it is usually not necessary to wash your hair each time. Like skin, hair relies on natural oils to keep it healthy. Routinely removing these oils can lead to dullness, frizz, ad breakage. Some people with oily hair opt to use a dry shampoo on days they don’t wash; others simply wash daily anyway if the oil becomes too much.

Essentially, moderation is key. you don’t want to be walking around covered in sweat, but on non-exercise days, skipping a shower won’t hurt. If you don’t exercise, showering a few times a week is healthiest for your skin. Being judicious in your showers is likely to keep your skin healthier.

The shower pressure can remove natural oils.

Source: TopHealthNews.net

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