DON'T BE FOOLED! Here are 3 Reasons Why Artificial Sweeteners Can't Make Us Sexier!

Artificial sweeteners are low-calorie substitutes for sugar. They are not unsafe nor hazardous to our health for as long as we consume them in moderation. But not as good as weight loss tool as we originally thought.

Since they contain less calories than sugar, we take this shortcut so we can lose weight and jump high in joy. But that is where we are badly mistaken.

Sweeteners could be the roadblock to our weight loss efforts!

Sweeteners have an effect on our brain which impairs our thinking a little bit, and here's 3 reasons why sweeteners hamper our weight-loss efforts:

Sweeteners reduce our brain's association of sugar with high calories

It is as simple as this: Because we know that sweeteners are low in sugar, we tend to cheat ourselves and crave for more sweets. Those diet sodas that we gulp on a daily basis does not help us at all but rather adds up to the problem even more!

Sweet craving drives overeating

Sweet taste generally drives our appetite, leading to overeating. Because sweeteners don't have much sugar in them, we tend to fill that void by eating a lot.

Don't let this happen to you. Start by junking sweeteners!
Sweeteners prevent the real taste of healthy foods from reaching our taste buds

Adding sweeteners can change our way we taste our food. Sweeteners are more potent than sugar and in that light, it over stimulates our sugar receptors and as a result, it may limit our tolerance for more complex tastes.

In short, we reject healthier foods and crave for the opposite ones.

Source: Idea Digezt

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