16 Top Foods That are Known to Contribute to CANCER!

The rise of processed food and easy-to-prepare foods has increased the cases of cancer. It is difficult to monitor the food eaten because everything seems linked to cancer.

Stop cancer by avoiding these foods!

Red Meat

If taken in small doses, then have no fear, especially if the source is grass-fed. For people who casually eat burgers have risks of developing deadly cancers up to 22 percent among men and 20 percent in women.


Packed with calories, artificial ingredients, and sugar, sodas offer no health perks. A can of soda has ten packs of sugar. This also threatens the dental health as bad a battery acid.


Alcohol follows tobacco in the list of cancer causing substances. When taken moderately, alcohol is actually healthy. In excess, it leads to stroke, sudden death, and heart failure.

Anything 'Diet'

Food companies attracted health buffs by putting 'diet' or 'low-fat' on their foods' labels. No matter what the product is, artificial sweeteners are still the cause for alarm among these kinds of food.

Refined Sugars

Refined sugars are the cause for spike in insulin levels. They also induce cancer growth. High-fructose corn syrup is the number one food you must avoid. Cancer cells need sugar to survive. They feed on it.

Artificial Sweeteners

Despite being advertised as healthy, artificial sweeteners do more harm than good. It leads to weight gain and is useless among diabetics. Aspartame is a substance found in artificial sweeteners known to cause convulsions, gastro paresis, and cataracts. Aspartame is present in artificial sweeteners.


The danger of GMO's is shown in the spike of Americans with three or more chronic ailments jump to seven to thirteen percent when it was introduced in 1996.

When GM vegetables were fed to rats, an alarming presence of tumors was seen.

Processed White Flour

All the healthy nutrients in flour is erased when exposed to a chemical bleach to make it white. Chlorine gas causes fatality when inhaled. White flour is known for its high glycemic rate. It causes a peak in the blood sugar and insulin levels.

Salty, Pickled, and Smoked Foods

They all contain nitrate, a preservative. These nitrates transforms in the body as N-nitroso which makes our body prone to cancer. Linked to these foods are stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

Potato Chips

These foods are rich in trans-fat which triggers weight gain. Besides this, they are also made with excessive sodium levels. Sodium triggers increased blood pressure levels.

Farm Raised Salmon

Due to their unnatural diets which are exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics along with carcinogens present in asbestos, farm raised salmons are not healthy.

Hydrogenated Oils

These are vegetable oils that are not extracted naturally like soy, canola oil, or olive oil. These oils have been linked to cancer, heart diseases, and birth defects. Heart diseases and other fatalities are linked as well.

Processed Meats

The process to create cured meats relies heavily on the excessive use of salt and other chemicals that are health-threatening. They contain the same carcinogens found in the smoke from cigarettes.

Canned Tomatoes

Chemicals used to preserve the tomatoes hinder and disrupt the activity of the hormones in the body. Despite its lycopene content, when canned, tomatoes' benefits are cancelled out.

Microwave Popcorn

These bags of treats, despite their convenience, are linked with the presence of carcinogens. The microwave popcorns have been associated with pancreatic, testicular, and liver cancer.

Non-organic Produce

Altrazine is a king of weed killer used at many farms in the United States. In Europe, it has been banned due to its link to infertility. Non-organic produce are constantly exposed to these chemicals.

These are the foods that have been strongly linked to cancer. Try to avoid them and look for better alternatives.

Source: Health Digezt

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