HOLD IT! Don't Ever Throw Away That EGGSHELL Again! There's Something That You Can Do About IT!

Wait a second… WHAT?

We’ve been cracking eggs and throwing out the shells our whole life!

We never realized eggshells had health benefits. But if you are cutting down costs to maintain your oral haelth, then it may be a good time to acknowledge the worth of eggshells.

Here is what you need to know about the incredible, edible eggshell.

magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur

Essential Amino Acids
methionine, cysteine, lysine, isoleucine

93% calcium content in the shell
The most balanced and natural source of calcium

HOW can eggshells help your health?

Eggshells can make you tougher!
  • The composition of eggshells are similar to your teeth and can help repair your teeth from cavities as well as remineralize and regrow the damaged areas.
  • The supply of calcium in eggshells promotes the activation of blood in the bone tissue. Therefore, they are highly beneficial to young children as they are growing and their bones are developing!
  • Studies have shown that consuming eggshells quickens the healing of orthopedic diseases (softening of bones).

HOW to prepare eggshells:

  1. Use organic, free-range eggs (to avoid chemicals and antibiotics).
  2. Place egg shells in boiling water for 5 minutes. This will kill any pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.).
  3. Air-dry shells.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes in 200 degree oven for 15 minutes (ensures all bacteria are killed).
  5. Use a coffee grinder to create an egg shell powder.

HOW to use the eggshell (powder):
  • Mix with your morning smoothie
  • Sprinkle on food
  • Mix with homemade sauces
  • Recommended dose: ½ teaspoon per day
How “egg-cited” are you to learn that your eggshells pack a nutrient punch? SCORE!

This garbage could be the solution to our lack of calcium!

Source: Fitlife.tv

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