Looking For a Lifestyle Change? It Starts With a Change In Your EATING HABITS! Here's 3 Bad Habits You Need To DROP NOW!

A major factor of what creates your health is what you eat. You are fueling your life with the food choices you make each day, which ultimately are the habits you have created surrounding food.

Your life would depend on what and how you eat.

To improve your health and start putting out some “fires,” here are 3 eating habits you should drop NOW:

1. Eating “Diet” Foods: If you eat frozen dinners, nutrition bars, weight loss shakes, or other “diet” foods, you are overloading your body with chemicals and other risky additives. Not only do these foods miss the nutrition mark, they are also unsatisfying for your body.

They just make you even worse!

As a result, you overeat and end up consuming more calories than if you had originally ate a fresh and healthy meal. Your body also burns 50% MORE calories when eating whole foods versus processed foods!

How can you ditch “diet” foods?

  • Replace with whole, natural foods consisting of:

  1. Lean proteins (grass fed beef, free range chicken, wild caught fish)
  2. Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, cucumber)
  3. Fruits (banana, apples, berries)
  4. Nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, sunflower)

  • Prepare your meals in BULK – choose a day to cook and package your meals so that you have them ready for when you need them.
  • Keep smart snacks with you so that you are ALWAYS prepared. A small package of nuts or chopped veggies are easy to transport as well as satisfyingly nourishing.

2. Boozing Too Much: Drinking alcohol sparks a negative cycle of emotions and actions. Drinking lowers your inhibitions, which leads to poor decision making when it comes to food and your health. The overload of calories from cocktails and boozy snack binges can impact your weight and mood.

Just do it occassionally.

When you cut back on drinking, you instantly eliminate the hundreds of excess and nutritionless calories that are hiding in alcoholic beverages.

How can you cut back on drinking?

  • Keep a food journal to track your alcohol intake – you may be currently underestimating how much alcohol you consume.
  • Limit drinking to 1 night a week and 2 beverages.

3. Emotional Eating: The thought that you should “treat yourself” and “you deserve it” are very dangerous to your health habits. If you reach for food when you are stressed, bored, angry, depressed, or happy – you are an emotional eater. You bond over food with your friends and family and it is often used to celebrate.

Eating your heart out is a no-no!

Therefore, from an early age you have developed an emotional relationship with food. Food is meant to fuel your body and give you energy for your life’s activities, NOT to comfort you after a stressful day at work.

How can you stop emotional eating?

  • Find the root of what causes your habit of reaching for food when you are feeling a certain way.

(In your food journal, take note of how you felt before and after each meal to help discover the root cause.)

  • Keep a distance from foods you tend to emotionally overeat (candy/cakes/chips). Do not keep them in the house where it is easy to access them in the moment of “need.”
  • Schedule and fill your time with activities you enjoy such as walking, reading, or creating art.

Your next step is to focus on making progress in each of these areas. If you have any of these habits currently, it may not be something you can easily eliminate overnight. Each day, focus on improving at least ONE of these areas and overtime, you will develop healthy, happy and life-improving habits!

Source: Fitlife.tv

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