Maybe You're All Familiar With This Energy-Giving Beverage. Here's 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Drink IT AGAIN!

Though water with added vitamins is often marketed as a healthy alternative to soda, it can actually be just as bad for you. One of the worst versions is Vitaminwater, which is made by Coca-Cola. Though it does have some nutrients, it is also loaded with sugar. These five reasons will make you never want to drink Vitaminwater again.

Yeah, looks cool! But very dangerous...

1. Vitaminwater has just as much fructose as Coca-Cola.

The amount of sugar in this is unreal!

One bottle of Vitaminwater has 32 grams of sugar. Unfortunately, most of this added sugar is in the form of fructose, a form of sugar which is even more harmful than the glucose found in cane sugar.

2. The sugar in Vitaminwater increases your risk of getting diabetes.

This drink is a precursor to diabetes!

Just a single bottle of Vitaminwater has all of the sugar that you should be eating in a single day. Since it is unlikely that you will not have anything else with sugar, this means that drinking Vitaminwater will push you over the recommended daily limit. Too much sugar makes you likely to have type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and tooth decay.

3. Most people already get the micronutrients that Vitaminwater provides.

Your daily diet is already enough.

Vitaminwater provides vitamins A, B, C, and E, and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc. However, most people get a lot of these vitamins and nutrients in their daily diet. Consuming high levels of vitamins does not actually benefit you since your body will just flush out all of the vitamins you cannot absorb. Even if you are lacking these nutrients, you could just get them from a supplement instead of consuming all the excess sugar in Vitaminwater.

4. Vitaminwater is extremely fattening.

This drink will make you bloat like crazy!

Natural water may be calorie free, but Vitaminwater has 120 calories in a 20 oz bottle. The empty calories found in sugar do not make you feel full or satisfied, and all they do is make you gain weight. The sugar can also trigger blood sugar spikes that encourage weight gain.

5. Extra micronutrients can actually be harmful.

You could already be drinking toxic materials!

Though naturally found versions of vitamins and minerals are usually not harmful, the synthetic versions found in supplements can be dangerous in high levels. If you are already getting a lot of vitamins A and E, adding the supplemented versions in Vitaminwater can harm your health.


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